At Arshiya we believe that our role is to make enterprises efficient and competitive, by making intricately complex supply chains, amazingly simple to manage. And we do so by investing in world class infrastructure besides further customizing it to meet unique client requirements. We remain unique in the value proposition that we offer. We actually own the infrastructure and are therefore able to add significant value to optimizing and making supply chains efficient. It is accurate to say that our range of offering is complete. From forwarding solutions worldwide, to the only two international class Free Trade & Warehousing Zones in India, to first and last mile road transportation, besides our dedicated rail freight infrastructure network, and finally to the strategically located world class industrial & distribution hubs, we offer all that you ever need to manage your key differentiator viz. your supply chain. Add to this a highly qualified Supply Chain Management solutions team at your disposal, and what you get is what our strong list of clients enjoy - the peace of mind that comes from leaving it to specialists who own their own infrastructure, by virtue of single ownership and therefore has the advantage of better control. And all this comes with world class quality standards and technology. Click here to view our infrastructure pictorially, for afterall, seeing is believing.

Arshiya believes that no problem is insurmountable
There's always a way
There is a way to transcend boundaries
To strengthen partnerships
To keep bettering today's solutions
To change the face of logistics across the world


  • Entrepreneurial & Courageous: The 'Can-Do, Must-Do, Will-Do' approach backed by courage of conviction
  • Innovative: Out of box & game-changing
  • Relationship driven: With vendors, suppliers & partners & overall
  • Accountable: Our word is our commitment
  • Lead by example: The defining standard of team leadership